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Storing Chemicals

Whilst laboratories, hospitals, schools and factories are likely to store hazardous chemicals, they need to be stored correctly and not under a sink or at the back of a cupboard.

There are a few potential risks with hazardous chemicals:

-       If they mix with each other (e.g. through leakage).

-       If they are involved in a fire or have flammable properties.

The management of substances means you must only keep the minimum amount and lowest hazardous substances possible.  Another consideration is if the chemical is toxic, harmful or corrosive etc.  Staff who use these must be trained in its safe use etc.  Keep these chemicals in a safe and secure place and ensure that they are only accessed by competent staff.

Most general cleaning work can be carried out without either chemicals or with low hazardous products.  Choose substances that do not have a warning sign on the back as these can be left under the sink or in wash rooms without concern.  Remember to avoid storing chemicals in damp conditions as the packaging can be affected.  If you do store chemicals in large quantities, then remember plastic trays to stand the chemicals on are a good idea in case of spillages/leakages.  This will reduce the risk of accidental mixing and help with the ease of clearing up if necessary.


Proof of Training

If any staff training has been completed even if it is a short Toolbox Talk you should ask your staff to sign and
confirm that they have attended and understood what they have been told.

If there is an accident/incident you are likely to face questions from an HSE or local authority inspector and the first question will be “whether anyone was involved in the incident and whether they had any health and safety or skills training?”.

This will identify if the incident was caused by staff not knowing the safety rules, being unsure of the correct way to operate a machine, not knowing what personal protective clothing was required with chemicals etc.

Remember to keep all documentation and training records undertake for your staff in case you are visited by the HSE or local authority inspector.

The appropriate forms are available for Hawksafe clients. Contact us if you would like any more information.